What is Regionalization?

Pathways to Excellence is our strategic plan designed to ensure a vibrant, sustainable Catholic elementary school system in the Archdiocese of New York, both now and in the future.  Regionalization involves the coming together of most parish elementary schools into geographic regions. Every parish is responsible for, contributes to, and has a voice in Catholic education in the Archdiocese. Given the importance of Catholic education to the community and to the Church, the laity and religious are called on to have an expanded leadership role in school governance with clergy.

An essential component of regionalization is reinvestment, which includes reallocating current resources back into Catholic education while identifying and securing additional funding.  The goal is a system of strong, accessible, affordable Catholic schools, owned by every parish, supported by every Catholic, available to every child.

Why Now?

Our schools are facing a set of challenges common to many parish-based schools across the nation, including declining enrollment and depleted financial resources. Regionalization, as with all Pathways to Excellence initiatives, is intended to improve and strengthen Catholic elementary education for current and future New Yorkers. Specifically, regionalization is expected to result in:

  • Sustainable, fiscally sound schools providing an excellent Catholic education
  • An infusion of additional talent through the increased role of the laity/religious in school governance
  • Community-based decision-making that more fully addresses the goals and needs of schools
    on the local level
  • More funds available for academic enhancements, scholarships and parish religious education programs
  • Increased funding available for parish outreach and charitable works

When did this take place?

Three pilot regions – Staten Island, Rockland and the Northwest/South Bronx – began operations in September 2012, and the six non-pilot regions began operations in September 2013.

How can I find more information?

Regionalization updates are published on the Superintendent of Schools’ website (www.BuildBoldFutures.org) and in parish bulletins. We will continue to ask for your ideas and encourage your active involvement in our new regionalized system of excellence founded on strong academics and faith formation. Your support of Catholic school communities and parishes across the Archdiocese is critical to defining the future of Catholic education in New York.


The following fact sheets may be downloaded:

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