The Archdiocese of New York has created Common Core Learning Standards Parent Matrices in both English Language Arts and Mathematics. These parent matrices are tools you can use to help support your child’s learning. They list and explain all of the learning standards your child should master at his/her grade level and offer suggested activities and resources you can use to support your child’s learning at home.  You can use the links below to download and print these resources.

You will also find below resources from the Office of Early Childhood Education.


English Language Arts Parent Matrices

Pre-Kindergarten-ELA-WORD                                    Pre-Kindergarten-ELA-PDF

Kindergarten-ELA-WORD                                             Kindergarten-ELA-PDF

1st-Grade-ELA-WORD                                                     1st-Grade-ELA-PDF

2nd-Grade-ELA-WORD                                                  2nd-Grade-ELA-PDF

3rd-Grade-ELA-WORD                                                   3rd-Grade-ELA-PDF

4th-Grade-ELA-WORD                                                   4th-Grade-ELA-PDF

5th-Grade-ELA-WORD                                                   5th-Grade-ELA-PDF

6th-Grade_ELA-WORD                                                  6th-Grade_ELA-PDF

7th-Grade-ELA-WORD                                                    7th-Grade-ELA-PDF

8th-Grade-ELA-WORD                                                   8th-Grade-ELA-PDF

Mathematics Parent Matrices 

Pre-Kindergarten-Math-WORD                                   Pre-Kindergarten-Math-PDF

Kindergarten-Math-WORD                                            Kindergarten-Math-PDF

1st-Grade-Math-WORD                                                   1st-Grade-Math-PDF

2nd-Grade-Math-WORD                                                 2nd-Grade-Math-PDF

3rd-Grade-Math-WORD                                                  3rd-Grade-Math-PDF

4th-Grade-Math-WORD                                                   4th-Grade-Math-PDF

5th-Grade-Math-WORD                                                  5th-Grade-Math-PDF

6th-Grade-Math-WORD                                                  6th-Grade-Math

7th-Grade-Math-WORD                                                  7th-Grade-Math-PDF

8th-Grade-Math-WORD                                                 8th-Grade-Math-PDF


The Office of Early Childhood Education

Kindergarten Developmental Summary Parent Letter from the Superintendent of Schools

Kindergarten Developmental Summary Template

FAQ Sheet for Parents (Kindergarten)