The Road to Success Starts Here

Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) is the time to turn your curious child into an active, interested student who looks forward to going to school. A love of learning that begins in Pre-K starts your child down the road that leads to success in high school and beyond.
Your children will enjoy a safe, caring environment, but our Pre-K programs are much more than a daycare. Each academic subject (literacy, math, science and social studies) has its own physical center. As they play, learn, make their own choices and socialize, children develop creative and critical thinking, as well as large and fine motor skills, through active, hands-on exploration. Learn more about our curriculum and Center-Based Learning.

Many of our Pre-K programs are located within our elementary schools and some accept children as young as three years old. Half and full-day programs are offered, as well as before and after school care which, in many cases, begins as early as 7:30 AM and ends at 6:00 PM. Specific offerings vary from school to school.