July 2016

4                      Independence Day


15                    Feast of the Assumption
22                    TACHS Registration Opens
31                    High School Summer Seminar



5                      Labor Day


6                      High School Life and Love Leadership Day
7                      TACHS Deadline for Applying for Extended Time
10                    Columbus Day (No School)
14                    Annual Fall Principal Meeting
15                    PSAT Exam (Saturday Administraion)
17                    TACHS Online and Telephone Registration Deadline
19                    PSAT Exam


1                      All Saints Day
4                      TACHS exam
8                      Election Day
11                    Veterans Day
16                    High School Religion Chairs Meeting
24-25              Thanksgiving Recess (No School)


8                      Feast of the Immaculate Conception
15                    Last Day to Complete TACHS Applicant Record
25                    Christmas Day

January 2017       

1                      New Years Day
11                    Release of High School Admissions Notices
16                    Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (No School)
23                    Catholic Charities Feeding Our Neighbors Campaign
24-27              NYS Regents Exams
26                    High School Principal/Presidents Meeting
27                    March for Life – NO SCHOOL EXAMS MAY BE SCHEDULED
29-2/4            Catholic Schools Week / Communities of Faith Knowledge & Services


20                    Presidents’ Day (No School)


1                      Ash Wednesday
1                      Registration Day for Catholic High Schools
15                    High School Religion Chairs meeting
17                    Feast of St. Patrick (Option to Close)


10-5/19          NYSESLAT Exam (Speaking)
13                    Holy Thursday (No School)
14                    Good Friday (No School)
16                    Easter Sunday
TBD                Easter Recess (Dates to Be Decided Locally)
TBD                Senior Mass


8-19                NYSESLAT Exam (Writing, Reading, Listening)
25                    Feast of the Ascension (Option to Close)
29                    Memorial Day (No School)


13-23              NYS Regents Exams
TBD                Former CHSA High School Board Meetings


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Download 2016 HS Summer School Schedule